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Life Members

About Us

Life Members
From humble beginnings, the Port Lincoln Golf Club has now become one of the

premier golf clubs in regional South Australia.

This has been achevied by dedicated ordinary people who have made

the Port Lincoln Golf Club what it is today.

Their committment and dedication is recognised by 'life membership'.

On this page we honour those individuals.


A.S. Hopping (senior)
C. S. Hopping
H. L. Baker
N. V. Jacobs
C. F. Poole
Mrs. J. T. Veitch
M. I. Fulwood
Mrs. R. A. S. White
Mrs. L. H. Bice
Mrs. R. J. Calderwood
R. J. Calderwood
K. J. Mitchinson
H. F. Oswald
J. G. Thomson
Mrs. L. Watherston
Mrs. P. Nolan
Mrs. M. Thomson
P. Watherston
Mrs. R.M. Gibbes
A.F.B. Gibbes
J. Cheriton
B. Modystack

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