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General Club Rules


General Club Rules - Effective February 2013

Golf Carts : May be used in all competitions but are not allowed within 3 metres of Tees & Greens

Play Offs - Competitors required for play offs in championship held by the Port Lincoln Golf Club (open or closed events) must be in the clubhouse when the last card is presented to the match committee for scoring. Competitors not in the clubhouse that are required for a
playoff at this time will be deemed to have forfeited.
Play Off holes are 1, 2, 5 & 6.
Ball on Stones- When A Ball comes to rest on stones (Rule 25 - abnormal ground conditions) it may be lifted and dropped not nearer the hole without penalty in accordance with rule 25 - 1b.
Fairway Markers - If a fairway marker interferes with a player’s stance it is permitted to drop the ball within one club length no nearer the hole with no penalty incurred. If the ball comes to rest in or on the fairway marker it is deemed to be on fairway and is subject to “preferred lies”.
Preferred Lies - If the ball comes to rest on the fairway of the hole being played, it mat be lifted, cleaned and placed within one grip length not nearer the hole. The fairway markers are the outer mowed edges and/or the dye spots. If that is not discernable then the ball must be played as it lies
It is not required that the ball be placed back on fairway
Staked Trees - If a staked tree or shrub or young tree less than 2 club lengths high interferes with a player’s stance or swing, the ball must be lifted without penalty  and dropped, in accordance with Rule 24-2b. This does not include old tree stumps with new growth
Ground Under Repair: - Treat abnormal ground conditions, for example sand placed to improve the course as GUR
Out of Bounds - A ball is out of bounds when all of it lies beyond the perimeter fence. This also includes the golf club car park.
Interference to Stance or Swing - If interference to a player’s stance or swing is caused by any of the following, ( Immovable obstruction Rule 24 - 2),the ball may be lifted and dropped without penalty, in accordance with Rule 24-2b.
a) All roads and marks made by vehicle or implements. (other than a golf cart)
b) All buildings, internal fences and walls.
c) Travelling sprinklers, their wires, hoses and spray.
d) Distance markers and signs
Suspension of Play -The club has a siren fitted on the roof of the clubhouse. In the event that play needs to be suspended, the siren will be activated and all play must immediately cease according to the Rules of Golf.
Greens: Any rough or pitted areas on any green are GUR and you are entitled to free relief of up to one club length no nearer the hole
Conditions of play: Players must play within the times established by the committee. Playing groups should be no larger than four players, unless at the end of the field
Players & Greenkeepers Safety Golfers MUST wait for an approaching vehicle or mower to pass behind or out of range before they play their shots. Alternatively golfers may be called upon to play their shots by the greenkeepers

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